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The ultimate goal of Occupational Therapy is to increase an individual’s independence with Activities of Daily Living (ADL). Occupational therapists address challenges in a wide range of developmental areas, including fine and gross motor skills, visual-perceptual and sensory processing, as well as play and social skills. These needs may be related to a variety of diagnoses, including musculoskeletal conditions, developmental delay, autistic spectrum disorders, neurological conditions, genetic disorders, and traumatic brain injury.

Occupational therapists help children improve:

  • handwriting and drawing skills
  • fine motor and visual perceptual skills
  • self–care skills (i.e. dressing, feeding, shoe-tying)
  • attention, focus and internal organization
  • coping skills and work behaviors
  • body and safety awareness
  • strength and coordination
  • motor processing abilities
  • problem solving skills
  • social / play skills with peers

Way to Grow! provides a full range of pediatric occupational therapy services in your child’s home, school, or daycare settings.

Evaluation: Depending on your child’s needs, assessments can be comprehensive to evaluate multiple developmental areas (fine and gross motor development, visual-perceptual skills, sensory processing, play and social skills) or targeted to evaluate specific areas of difficulty (i.e. fine motor skills; handwriting). To fully understand your child’s strengths and challenges, we typically employ standardized assessment tools, clinical observations, classroom observations, and parent/teacher interviews.

Individual Treatment Sessions: Services are provided according to your child’s individualized treatment plan in the setting determined to be most beneficial. Treatment sessions are 50 minutes and include discussion with the parent or teacher.

Consultations: If deemed valuable, the therapist may observe your child in other environments such as camp or extracurricular activities and/or may attend school meetings, etc.

Home Programs: We design personalized home programs with specific exercises to meet your child’s needs, including sensory diets which incorporate sensory-based activities into your child’s daily schedule to help him/her stay organized throughout the day. Training is provided to parents, caregivers, and teachers.

In addition to these traditional services, Way to Grow! offers therapeutic swimming and yoga instruction.

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