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Way To Grow!

Way to Grow!, LLC is a pediatric occupational therapy (OT) practice serving the Washington, DC and Northern Virginia area. Our mission is to help your child attain his/her full potential. We do this by designing a treatment plan specific to the needs of your child and by making the work of OT feel like play. Creative and entertaining activities will engage your child so s/he will enjoy time spent in OT. Hard work should always be this much fun!

Children learn best when feeling comfortable, so we favor treatment in familiar settings -- the house, school, daycare, or even the neighborhood park. Moreover, working in these real-world environments facilitates the sharing of information and strategies among parents, teachers, and other caregivers. By partnering with all members of your child’s community, we help him/her not only develop new skills, but apply them to everyday life.

Please contact us at info@way2grow.net to learn how we can help.

(703) 819-8225